CandyLipz Review


Okay, so my friend bought me CandyLipz as an early birthday present, and wow! I used it last night, following the instructions, when you first start they suggest you do it 4 times for one minute, with a couple minutes interval in-between. So this is exactly what I did, and by the 4th one I couldn't believe this size of my lips! My lips are fairly big so for those with already full lips I would only suggest to do this just the once, but do the 4 one minutes first time using it to get your lips use to it. Without a doubt, you are going to bruise, but it clears overnight and from then on you are set to go.
Here is my before and after...

This is far too big for me, but this was after following the initial instructions! I couldn't believe it and I am so sure that this is Kylie Jenners secret! Buy yours from @gemwrightbeauty on Instagram!
I use the Red Apple one but there are loads to choose from, where they are suited to different lip's.
I recently bought a cap one from eBay but this is not a cap, and the results are no where near as good, and CandyLipz has been clinically tested, so do not judge your results from the caps and not think to buy this products, it's amazing!


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